Leader Development

Leader Development is key, whether you are the Leader developing yourself or you are responsible for developing leaders in your organization.

In many Organizations, leader development is reserved for correction of deficiencies or as many companies call them “Areas of Improvement” (AOI’s).  In far too many cases, Leader Development would be more described as “Reactive” as opposed to “proactive”.

As a Leader, my development early-on was not much different.  I was a Manager for an Electronics Department and was, completely, ignorant that leading people was a different skill set from being the top sales person.  As a result of the pain that I was (and my people were) experiencing, I set out to develop my leadership skills.

That was longer ago than I care to admit and over the past 20+ years, I have made leadership growth and development a passion AND a business.

I have found that many companies promote as I was promoted way back then.  They take their best (Producer, Salesperson, Engineer, Accountant, etc.) and make them the manager of the department or division.  In most instances, they lose a top performer and gain a mediocre manager.  The skills of Leading people and Managing a department/division are different than being a top performer. 

The best companies develop their leaders prior to promoting them.  As a result, they are able to increase the effectiveness of newly promoted Leaders and reduce the negative effects of a bad leader on employee morale and overall performance.

Effective Leader Development programs start to define the Leadership competencies needed at the next level along with strategic benchmarking of successful Leaders at the new level.  Leader development programs are then coupled with skills assessments and candidate surveys to understand the developmental needs of the future leader.  Once there is clarity on the present state of the future Leader, along with the positional needs of Leaders at the next level, an effective program can be taylored for both common needs to all candidates and specific needs of each candidate.

Developing Leaders implies that it is an on-going program with a built-in continuous process.  Great Leaders rarely just happen.  Leader Development, continually monitors the needs of each Leader and the Organization and is intentional about the growth of all involved.  Leadership skills are developed and developed daily, weekly, monthly, and quarterly. 

What do developing leaders need to see?  Which situations do developing leaders need to be placed in?  Which should they be protected from?  What instruction do they need? Do they need mentoring?  What is done when? All are effective components of a right program to develop leaders.

The heartbeat of many great companies is that they are, “Developing Leaders, Developing Leaders.”

For more information on how we can assist you or your company in strategically increasing the leadershjip skills of your people through various Leadership programs, please Contact us.

Our Leadership development programs take many facets into account:

  • Present needs and performance gaps, both personally and organizationally
  • Growth needed to achieve desired future results.
  • Training needed to ensure present and future competitive advantage.
  • Best practices of world-class companies as it pertains to both engagement of Leaders and Leadership Teams, dynamic learning environments, and adoption of new learning into on-going Leadership behaviors.


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